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Our Services

Global B2B Contacts is an internationally recognized email marketing agency to provide most extensive and reliable mailing list to their end users. Our services have been validated and used by many B2B business. We have mailing lists that can be a great fit to your company depending upon market size, demographics, target audience etc.

All our mailing list have been collected from valuable and renowned sources such as public directories, seminars, workshops, tradeshows and events. We follow 100% CAN-SPAM regulations and guidelines so that our end users are benefited the least bounce rates as possible.

Some of our trending email list that can be highly customized are as follows: -

  • Educational Services.

  • Financial Services.

  • Healthcare Services.

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts.

  • Industry & Manufacturing

  • Interior Designers and Architects

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Travel and much more

Global B2B Contacts are the largest database providers for providing decision makers mailing list such as: -

  • C – Level Executives such as CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, COO and many more

  • President and Vice President

  • Managing Directors and Marketing Directors

  • Sales & Marketing Managers

  • IT & HR Managers

  • Supply Chain Executives and many more.

Data Appending services

Global B2B Contacts are pioneer in creating better marketing campaigns as they roll over regular updates on database being up-to-date. Stay ahead of the competitive market by accessing 100% reliable and authenticated data from us.

How do we provide verified mailing list?:

  • Our data are obtained with due permission from the customers. Thereby, we follow Anti-Spam and NCOA regulations.

  • Over a record of 42 million of database. We make sure the quality is never compromised and provide verified listings of the owners. Such a case, we make sure to provide alternative contact details duly obtained by the consumer.

  • We make sure that in case of missing data has been given to a customer; our complex module of reappending accurate match is given at the earliest at no extra cost.

  • The complex algorithm followed at Global B2B Contacts is such that the missing data are automatically appended by the technique of Reverse-Appending. We provide a complete verified listing of Full Name, Physical Address, Phone, Fax Number, Revenue Model etc.

Email Appending Services:

As per a recent survey made it shows that almost 40% of the mailing campaigns are delivered right to the spam box. How sure are yours’ being delivered? The main reason of them being dumped is because the details are wrongly provided or due to the geographic barrier. We at Global B2B Contacts make sure to update the mailing lists, locations and permission regularly. By doing so, we promise that you can easily target your audience and get most of the conversions.

Title Appending Services

Looking for a customized mailing database of either an industry or a decision maker? Contact us today. Either be Sales Manager, C-Level executive, HR, or an industry. We provide a customized end term solution as your requirements. We have a powerful software based algorithm which runs as per your needs. Don’t delay in obtaining a strategic marketing campaign advice from our experts. Want to know how? Enquire for more details.

Email Campaigns

Worried about a cost effective, highly responsive and optimized conversion leads for your business? Get in touch with Global B2B Contacts today and get the most of the solutions at your fingertips. We are one among the best organizations around the world to provide a best cost-effective strategy that can be helpful for both business and consumer.

Unique & Research Based Services provided by Global B2B Contacts

Being an internationally recognized company to provide the best solution for marketing agencies, we adhere to international laws and standards. We have details and IP address of the user such as time stamp and partner website opt in. By doing so, we are regulated to provide these databases according to legal methods.

Usage of right information leads to a better brand awareness and reduce the risk of being put to spam. However, Global B2B Contacts have the best modes of opt in being used. We have collected our authentic lists from

  • Telephonic Surveys

  • Data Analytics Market Research

  • Public Directories, Focus Groups and Events

We follow strict guidelines that are anticipated for sending Commercial emails, Advertisements, Transactional emails, Electronic emails and much more. Lastly, as a database providing company we make sure to follow the main international standards and their sub guidelines to make the lead generation process of our customers much simpler, safer and effective.

So, what are you waiting for? Remember, to match your expectations, you need to have a customized and cost-effective marketing plan. Confused about how to get started? Get a free consultation from our experts? Request for a free sample or avail a one on one consultation with our support team to learn more. Get started now to reach greater heights. Climb your first step on the ladder by leveraging your business with us.