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About Us - Business Email Data Providers

Global B2B Contacts is a leading provider of quality Business to Business and Information Technology mailing, email and telemarketing lists. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Global B2B Contacts is a full service marketing company that provides corporations with leading edge E-marketing solutions.

With over 8 years of expertise in providing advanced data enhancement solutions and by executing the complete process of Database cleansing/appending and custom Email database building in-house, we endow our clients the rapid turnaround, quality control and the accountability they entail.

We custom build the lists based on the marketing campaign and various target demographics to help our clients expand reach to a more specific target audience who are most likely to buy their product or service.

About us

Marketing, as we know it, has undergone a dramatic revolution. The days of one-size-fits-all mass marketing are rapidly disappearing, and in its place, organizations are implementing multi channel marketing solutions that personalize interaction with customers through both traditional and Internet channels. Smart marketers are moving aggressively to replace product-centric.

Multi-Channel Marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for customer development and relationship management. Multi Channel Marketing a new Revolution in Sales. Harness the Power of Multi-Channel Marketing for Customer Development, Customer retention, Relationship Management and Revenue enhancement.

Our mission is to create successful business relationships built on trust. This requires providing you with not only inexpensive solutions, but high quality marketing campaigns as well. To achieve this goal our top priorities are to: listen to our customers needs, employ flawless solutions to fully monetize each of our clients marketing goals, make your vision our own, embrace technology, create efficient workflows geared toward perfection and above all, acquire superior, up-to-date data and marketing tools. Our main focus is success through innovation, technology and strategy and you can expect only the finest assistance in accomplishing your objectives. Experience a company that will work hard for your success.

Our Business Lists are compiled from membership rosters, registrations, public records, licenses, corporate & executive registers, postal records, surveys, questionnaires, census data, student lists, birth records, voter registrations, telemarketing efforts, mail & telephone inquiries and purchase information, telephone directories, rebate coupons, subscriber order forms, warranty card registrations, entry forms, credit & financial data, SEC listings, institution information, conference/trade show/seminar attendee registrations, government records, opt-in email responses, applications, and rating & licensing boards. All information is derived from proprietary, self-reported data, or sources of public record. It is obtained legally and ethically under strict list industry rules, regulations, and guidelines. This is Raw Data that we collect. Once the Raw Data is collected we have a Multi fold verification and Opt in process we conduct.

We want you to get the desired output for your company by giving you the comprehensive marketing email lists you need. Part of our commitment is to provide you a email list that you will work well with. If you are looking for the appropriate target market, we will give it to you. By doing so, we know you will efficiently increase your revenues in no time.

Consider us a part of your investment. We are more than willing to help you build your dreams in the proper perspective. We provide more than just a positive outcome. As our client, we give high regard to your satisfaction.

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