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Targeted Business Database

Our email marketing experts work with you to identify, quantify and target prospects to propel your sales leads. Marketing to service industry professionals is now easier and more efficient with service industry email lists from Global B2B Contacts. Reach the services industry's top professionals - key influencers and decision makers - including hotels and motels, health, legal, engineering, education, and other business and professional services.

Agriculture Mailing List

  • Crops Email List
  • Farm Products Mailing List
  • Livestock Email List
  • Agricultural Services Email List

Architecture, Engineering and Design Email List

  • Architect Mailing List
  • Building Designers Email List
  • Construction-Consultants Email List

Associations, Charities Email List

  • Associations, Charities & Foundations Email List
  • Chambers of Commerce Mailing List

Automotive Industry Mailing Lists

  • Automobile Dealers Mailing List
  • Automobile Parts Stores Email List
  • Automobile Service & Collision Repair Email List
  • Automobiles (Manufacturing & Wholesale) Mailing Lists
  • Automotive Parts (Manufacturing & Wholesale) Mailing Lists
  • Trucks & Other Vehicles Email List

Banking & Finance Mailing List

  • Accounting Services Mailing List
  • Asset Management Email List
  • Banks, Credit Unions Email List
  • Credit Card & Transaction Processing Email List
  • Credit Services Mailing List
  • Investment Banking Email List
  • Investment Services Email List
  • REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Mailing List
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Email List

Business Services Email List

  • Advertising and Marketing Email List
  • Auctions Mailing List
  • Brokerage Email List
  • Call Centres & Business Centres Email List
  • Catalogue & Mail Order Houses Mailing List
  • Commercial Printing Email List
  • Financial Transaction Processing Mailing List
  • Debt Collection Mailing List
  • Environment Email List
  • Exporters Email List
  • Facilities Management & Commercial Cleaning Email List
  • Human Resources & Staffing Mailing List
  • Email List
  • Information & Document Management Email List
  • Management Consulting Email List
  • Photography Studios Mailing List
  • Research Services Mailing Lists
  • Security Products & Services Email List
  • Technical Services Mailing List

Chemical Industry Mailing Lists

  • Chemicals Mailing List
  • Industrial and Raw Gases Mailing Lists
  • Petrochemicals Email List
  • Industry Professionals Mailing List

Computer Products and Services Mailing List

  • Computer Network Security Email List
  • Computer Networking Equipment Email List
  • Computer Storage Equipment Email List
  • Computers & Peripherals Mailing Lists
  • IT Services & Internet Service Providers Mailing List

Construction Mailing Lists

  • Aggregates, Concrete & Cement Mailing Lists
  • Construction and Renovations Email Lists
  • Miscellaneous Building Materials Mailing Lists
  • Plumbing & HVAC Equipment Email Lists

Consumer Goods & Services Industry Email List

  • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories Email List
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Mailing List
  • Funeral Homes & Related Services Email List
  • Hair Salons Mailing List
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Mailing List
  • Recreational Goods Email List
  • Tobacco & Cigarettes Email List
  • Watches & Jewellery Mailing List

Education Industry Email List

  • Colleges & Universities Email List
  • Education Services Mailing Lists
  • Schools - K-12 Email List
  • Training, Career & Trade Schools Email List

Electronics Industry Mailing List

  • Consumer Electronics (Manufacturing) Mailing List
  • Electronic Components Mailing List
  • Electronics - Wholesale Email List
  • High-Tech Electrical Industry Mailing Lists

Energy Industry Mailing Lists

  • Electricity, Oil & Gas Email List
  • Oil & Gas Mailing Lists
  • Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration Email List
  • Oil & Gas Extraction Mailing Lists
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines Construction Email List
  • Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Mailing List

Environmental Services Email List

  • Clean Energy Technology Mailing Lists
  • Environmental & Waste Services Email List
  • Remediation Services & Supplies Mailing Lists
  • Water & Water Treatment Email List
Food and Beverage Manufacturing Email List

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Email List

  • Confectioners Email List
  • Dairy Products Mailing Lists
  • Food & Beverage Email List
  • Food - Wholesale Mailing List
  • Meat Products Industry Mailing List
  • Processed and Packaged Goods Mailing List
  • Soft Drink Beverages Mailing Lists
  • Meat Department Email List
  • Wineries, Distillers & Breweries Email List

Government Mailing Lists

  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities Mailing List
  • Government Professionals Mailing List
  • Federal Government Employees at Home Email list
  • Government Agencies and Departments Mailing List

Household Goods Email Lists

  • Cleaning Products Mailing Lists
  • Consumer Appliances Mailing List
  • Furniture Stores Mailing Lists
  • Hand, Power & Lawn-Care Tools Email List
  • Home Furnishings & Fixtures Email List
  • Household Goods & Accessories Mailing List

Government Mailing Lists

  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities Mailing List
  • Government Professionals Mailing List
  • Federal Government Employees at Home Email list
  • Government Agencies and Departments Mailing List

Insurance Mailing Lists

  • Life Insurance Mailing List
  • Health Insurance Mailing Lists
  • Homeowners Insurance Mailing Lists
  • Auto Insurance Renewals Mailing List
  • Crop Insurance Agents Mailing List
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers Mailing list

Law Firms and Legal Services Mailing List

  • Lawyers/Attorney Email List
  • Patent Agents Mailing List
  • Legal Services Industry Executives List
  • Legal Services Mailing List

Wholesalers/Distributors Mailing List

  • Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers Mailing List
  • Wholesale Trade Industry Mailing List

Utilities Industry Email List

  • Electric Utilities Email List
  • Gas Utilities Mailing List

Transportation Industry Mailing List

  • Aerospace & Defense Email List
  • Air Transportation Mailing List
  • Boats & Submarines Email List
  • Freight & Logistics Services Mailing List
  • Rail, Bus & Taxi Services Email List
  • Shipping & Transportation Mailing Lists
  • Trucking, Moving & Storage Email List

Telecommunications Mailing List

  • Communication Equipment Email List
  • Telephony & Wireless Email List

Software Services Mailing List

  • Custom Software & Consulting Email List
  • Financial, Legal & HR Software Mailing Lists
  • Software Publishing Email List

Retail Industry Mailing Lists

  • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories Mailing List
  • Books and Music Stores Email List
  • Car & Truck Rental and Leasing Email List
  • Consumer Electronics & Computers Mailing List
  • Convenience Stores & Gas Stations Email List
  • Department Stores, Shopping Centres & Superstores Email List
  • Florists & Gift Stores Mailing List
  • Grocery & Specialty Food Stores Mailing List
  • Home Improvement Mailing List
  • Office Products (Retail & Distribution) Mailing List
  • Rental & Leasing Services Mailing List
  • Retail Mailing Lists
  • Sporting Goods Stores Mailing List

Pharmaceutical Email List

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Mailing List
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry Executives Mailing List

Real Estate Industry Mailing List

  • Real Estate Agents Mailing List
  • Real Estate Development Email List

Packaging Industry Mailing List

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging Email List
  • Food & Beverage Packaging Business Email List

Pet Care Industry Mailing List

  • Pet Products Mailing List
  • Veterinary Care Email List
  • Pet Owners Mailing List
  • Pet Insurance Businesses Email List

Mining & Natural Resources Email List

  • Concrete & Cement Industry Email List
  • Aluminium Industry Mailing List
  • Oil & Gas Industry Mailing List
  • Gold & silver Mining Email List
  • Industrial Minerals & Metals Email List
  • Lumber, Wood Production & Timber Operations Email List
  • Mining, Metals & Minerals Mailing List
  • Mining, Oil & Gas Equipment Email List
  • Natural Resources Mailing List
  • Oil & Gas Exploration Email List
  • Oil & Gas Extraction Industry Mailing List
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines Mailing List
  • Oil & Gas Refining Email List
  • Pulp & Paper Industry Mailing List

Media Industry Mailing List

  • Cable & Satellite Email List
  • Film and Video Production Services Email List
  • Libraries & Archives Mailing Lists
  • Multimedia & Graphic Design Email List
  • Newspapers Mailing List
  • Publishing (Excluding Newspapers) Email List
  • Radio Stations Email List
  • Television Stations Mailing List

Manufacturing Industry Email List

  • Circuit Boards Industry Mailing List
  • Glass and Clay Email List
  • Metal Fabrication Email List
  • Paper & Paper Products Mailing List
  • Plastic, Packaging & Containers Mailing List
  • Prefabricated Manufactured Housing Mailing Lists
  • Scientific & Technical Instruments Email List
  • Semiconductors Email List
  • Small Tools & Accessories Mailing List
  • Steel & Iron Email List
  • Textile & Fabric Mills Email List
  • Tires & Rubber Products Mailing List
  • Wire & Cable Mailing Lists

Machinery & Equipment Email Lists

  • Batteries & Power Storage Equipment Email List
  • Business Equipment Mailing List
  • Communication Equipment Mailing List
  • Farm, Forestry & Construction Equipment Email List
  • Industrial Electrical Equipment Mailing List
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment (Manufacturing) Email List
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment (Wholesale) Mailing List
  • Machinery Mailing List
  • Photographic & Optical Equipment Email List
  • Power Conversion & Protection Equipment Email List
  • Test & Measurement Equipment Mailing List

Leisure & Entertainment Mailing List

  • Amusement Parks, Arcades, Attractions Email List
  • Fitness & Dance Facilities Mailing Lists
  • Lodging Mailing Lists
  • Museums & Art Galleries Mailing Lists
  • Music & Performing Arts Mailing Lists
  • Amusement and Recreation industry Mailing List
  • Restaurants Mailing Lists
  • Sporting Goods Mailing Lists
  • Sports Teams & Sporting Activities Email List
  • Theaters Mailing Lists
  • Toys & Games Email List
  • Travel Services & Agencies Email List
  • Zoos & National Parks Email List

We gather all in sequence information from a huge number of directory and event-driven sources, as well as new business filings, daily utility associations, press releases, demographic and business financial information, corporate websites, annual reports, user-generated comment, and thousands of U.S national white and yellow pages directories, federal public records, secretary of state records and hundreds of vendors.

If you have any other requirements or custom select to add to the mentioned databases, please let us know and we would assist you with the acquisition. We hope to hear from you and would like to have the opportunity to work with you, info@globalb2bcontacts.com