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In fact, it is not that difficult to pick the perfect mailing list for your B2B campaigns. This is the most crucial step for setting up a targeted email campaign. The main reason is the choice of right mailing list highly impacts your ultimate campaign performance. So, are you ready to experience exponential marketing results? Here are the three basic things you should do while selecting the right mailing list.


Primarily, there are 2 ways when it comes to acquiring the business email database. Either you can compile your own list from scratch or buy the specific email list directly from the provider. In the first case, acquiring the list is economical but consumes time and long-term efforts. In the second case, you need to make monetary investment and time is not a problem. Make the decision based on your business requirements and marketing approach.


Who are your ideal prospects? Every marketing plan must be supported by a well-defined audience. No more “convincing” but only reaching the right people at the right time. Find out who already loves to learn about your products and services. Just go ahead and take an advantage of this point. List all the reasons evidently so as to why your prospects must make a purchase. As a whole, when you have targeted mailing list, it is extremely easy to bring prospects down the sales funnel.


As explained in first point, the self-built list is always economical. Since it takes more time, buying the list from a trustworthy provider is the next best option. Below are a few list types you can learn about!

Response List:

In the response list, the contacts are listed based on the responses people have already made to the similar products or services like yours. As a whole, there is a high probability that people in the list will respond to you positively. Such lists can be purchased from direct mail companies and private list providers.

Targeted Demographic List:

In the demographic list, the contacts are listed based on different categories namely age, gender, geographic location, number of children in a family, and income level. With this type of list, you can reach a specific audience with a dedicated marketing message.

Opt-in List:

In the opt-in mailing list, the contacts are listed after they ideally opted in and desire to learn about your industry, products, and services. On the other hand, this list type can be more expensive compared to others. As a result, you can expect an incredible return on investment and such a list cannot be neglected.

Segmented List:

In the segmented list, the contacts are targeted on a deeper level. Such lists focus on the extremely specific audience like travel patterns, reading preferences, etc. You can combine this list type along with others in order to obtain the best possible campaign results.

Nine Powerful decision making Factors while choosing the perfect mailing list

Look for these qualities before purchasing a mailing list from the list providers. Once you are satisfied with respect to the below points, go ahead and purchase the high returning database without a second thought.

1. Make sure that the list providing company ensures at least 95% deliverability. So that you can avoid any major issues such as bulking, spam issues, and bounces.
2. The up to date and verified email database plays a significant role for best campaign results. People tend to move and the list containing old data might badly affect your email marketing. The reliable list is updated once a month.
3. Some list providing companies offer the database for one-time use agreement only. Make sure you check this issue before purchasing the list. One time use list will not be beneficial since emails have to be sent repeatedly to attain success. Keep a check on unlimited usage option as well as its cost. Usually, the cost would be 2 to 3 times more than a one-time use list.
4. Where will the list providers collect the data from? The names and other contact information are collected from various resources like tax records, business records, email subscriber lists, buyer lists, corporate reports, etc.
5. Have your competitors used the same email list recently? Get a confirmation from the data provider. If yes, you can choose a different target audience. On the other hand, if you are confident to break through the competition then buy the same email list.
6. Check the number of times the same email list has been used in the previous 6 months period. If it exceeds the limit, then it might have lost the potential to offer good campaign results.
7. Make sure to check whether the list provider offers any discount for multiple usages.
8. Does the email list evaluated through CASS and NCOA database regularly? It checks whether the addresses in the list are updated and reachable. However, NCOA database keeps the record of names of companies and individuals who changed the address in last 4 years.
9. Ask whether the email provider follow healthy practices to maintain optimum quality mailing database. It includes removing duplicate information, bad addresses, etc. This quality of database helps you to reach the right person at the right time.


Hopefully, this information helps you to choose the perfect mailing list for your successful campaigns. We understand that the process of decision making seems to be cumbersome. But it's all one-time effort your marketing team can put on. The right mailing database ensures your success. By now, you will know that the quality of your email list greatly affects the direct marketing results. Convert your normal performing campaigns into extraordinary campaigns at Global B2B Contacts. Get the expert advice and then make the best possible decision. This is the right time to invest quality time and money in selecting the right mailing list. Amazing things will happen when you thoroughly know about your target customers. Happy marketing!