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You literally take weeks together to plan and execute marketing campaigns. It is important to get it right now! Before we let you know about the need of email database, here are some major reasons why marketing campaigns fail without targeted mailing database. So that you can avoid the mistakes during the next execution. In the first place, make sure you understand the actual reason for the campaign failure. Ensure your success right from here!

  • You might have gone wrong in identifying the target persona. It needs a lot of research about the market competition.
  • Make sure you have correct success metrics. It can be anything that measures brand recognition, consumer interaction, increased sales and conversion rates.
  • Compose the content that speaks directly to your target audience and about their interests. If not focused, you might deliver the wrong message to your audience.
  • Consider the time at which you deliver the marketing message. Make sure the frequency does not frustrate your audience.
  • Do not make quick decisions about the campaign performance, Give enough time for your campaign to succeed and then draw conclusions.
  • Take care of marketing compliance very seriously. If not, you might end up degrading your brand reputation in the market.

Why must a business have an email database for marketing needs?

The optimum quality email list helps the businesses to keep the track of old customers and increase your long-term relationship with them. Carry out the email marketing strategy with the help of business email database. We have listed the main ways of using an email database below.

1. The targeted database helps to keep track of the previous purchase made by your customers. Based on the purchase behavior, you can personalize the content of the next email highlighting the offers or promotions.
2. It becomes easy to stay connected with your prospects and customers with an appended email list. Understand what they are interested in and send promotions regarding the same. This adds huge brand reputation for your company growth.
3. With the help of a well-segmented database, it becomes very easy for you to plan custom marketing messages. In this way, email marketing supports targeted communication. 4. When you interact with your bunch of target audience through useful and repeated emails, they remember your brand. This builds a trustworthy relationship and speeds up their decision-making process.
5. Cross-platform selling becomes simpler since the target audience are frequently reminded with adverts. This definitely increases sales and conversion rates.
6. Save money on marketing with the help of well-researched and targeted mailing database since it reduces the time spent on acquiring target data/market information.
7. When you have an email database, it is capable of letting you analyze the customer buying behavior. Based on the data, plan your customized email campaigns for better performance.

How can you make an email marketing program more effective, simple and time efficient?

The combination of marketing automation and high-quality B2B database ensures to save time and increase ROI. With the series of tests and experiments, we have measured the following advantages of having an email list with email marketing.

Increased ROI:

With the availability of verified email lists, email marketing is said to have increased ROI. When compared to other marketing strategies such as telemarketing its ROI is more. So, it is proved to be best when the return on investment is considered. In today’s economy, most of the companies are spending money on email marketing due to the availability of 90% deliverable and genuine B2B email databases.

One to One Communication:

When you have a trustworthy and targeted email list, it is easy to send marketing messages and trigger communication. Your customized email gets delivered instantly and helps you build long-lasting relationships. Unlike other marketing channels, email marketing helps your prospects to stay in comfort zone due to the power of customization.

Better conversion rates:

Email database serves as a fantastic tool to convert your target audience. As a matter of fact, not every first-time website visitor or email receiver will make a purchase. Do you agree? With the help of regular emails, promotional offers, and an informational newsletter, it is possible to convert your prospects into customers.

Easily understand the audience:

With the help of targeted email lists, it becomes easy for your marketing team to understand their interests and dislikes. Make use of this insight and modify the campaigns that drive towards success. Now, it’s your time to match the markets desire and specific needs with the help of the mailing list.

Permission Guaranteed:

When you own the permission-based email list, you have the power to brand your products or services to your whole target market. Talk about your sales, deals, promotions, etc with your interested customers. Make sure you buy the list from trustworthy list provider and the rest is assured.


Take extreme care while buying the database from the 3rd party. It might seem attractive and awesome for the first time. But, take a look deep inside the list and then decide from whom to buy. Never trust the database that promises to provide you with thousands of emails for a low price! Generally, such databases would be outdated and unverified. This is against the legal compliances. As a result, they consist of invalid contact information resulting in major bounce backs. Instead, invest your hard earned money on trustworthy list suppliers who do all research and seek permission before selling. In addition, they care of updating the list and promise 95% deliverability.


From the above explanation, we hope it is clear that B2B targeted database plays a significant role in designing a successful campaign. Now, customer information is easily accessible without any legal issues. Have you checked with Global B2B Contacts? They are one such trusted database providers. The rate of conversions increases when you have databases in hand. Work on attracting your target market towards your brand. Analyze your consumers' behavior and be genuine in your marketing messages. Email marketing without a database is just a noise in this overcrowded market.