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All marketers compose cold emails but who is good at it? Do you also get a satisfactory open rate from a cold email? If you are not getting the expected results, then do not lose mind! Cold email marketing is not dead. But, you need to adopt a few important techniques and accept the change. In this highly competitive market, you have to hit the prospect's critical business challenge through an impressive cold email. Here, we have listed the proven techniques to develop an effective cold email.

1. Short email content grabs your prospect's attention

Now, you are ready with the verified and targeted mailing list. So, what next? Develop the short and to the point email content. You must understand that your prospects are busy and also you are a stranger to them. Never waste their time with lengthy information. Of course, you will have a necessity to educate the target audience about the products or services. But, there is a long way to plan for the same. As a first step, it is always recommended to grab their attention and create curiosity about your brand.

2. Focus on the opening and subject lines

It is not effective to send the same content to all your prospects in the email list. Personalizing leads to better responses. In the first place, you can segment the business email database based on the specific criteria. Then research about every segmented audience and compose unique opening lines for each. For instance, you can add the prospect's website information and win their attention, add the recent event happening in the target prospect's industry, or identify the common interest that excites them to get in touch with you.

3. Offer some exciting discounts and offers

This type of email content creates a sense of urgency. Most of the prospects need this to take further action and let them start thinking about the purchase decision. When they get the idea about savings, it drives them to get connected with you. This type of cold email works fantastic when compared to cold call just because all the details are already displayed. Even if the prospects in your mailing list are partially interested in your brand, the moment they see such discount based emails triggers them to open and read. Unleash the potential of discount offers and make complete use of it.

4. Forget about having design layout initially

This tactic has tremendously worked for us in the recent experiments on our email list. Also, we highly recommend you to try! This type of undesigned emails is a great way to trigger an interaction with your prospects. Through this approach, you can quickly understand what your prospects are expecting from you. As a whole, you need to make email copy look like being sent by an important person. You can do this only by opting for plain text email. This doesn't mean you must get rid of design templates. Instead, you can make those design templates look simple and plain.

5. Don't forget to plan for persistent follow-ups

In the cold email marketing, it is mandatory to plan for consistent follow-up emails. Sometimes, you might get quick responses on the first reach. But, most of the times you must reach multiple times to trigger a response. From the insights, you can get to know that your prospects have opened the emails and went away. At this point, you send a quick follow up email to the same set of prospects from your business mailing database. Just thank them for showing interest in your emails but unfortunately couldn't read. Remind them of what was sent previously in a slightly different way. As a result, you are more likely to receive positive responses.

6. Mention CTA clearly

Keep this final step direct, simple and clear. What do you expect your prospects to do after reading the email? For instance, it can be sign-up for your newsletters, respond to your mail, schedule an appointment for the call, etc. It's completely your decision as per the marketing strategy but make sure you stick on to one call to action. Take care of not asking too much out of the prospect in the first email itself. Expect what is required just to get started with the healthy conversation.

One of our recent experiments proved that sending screenshots of your website makes prospects from our targeted mailing list learn about your business with a quick scan. Most of them do not have time to navigate to your website. So, make it easy for them to learn about you in a smart way. This is how you can start a new business relationship and grow your ROI exponentially.

7. Highlight the benefits you intend to offer

How many of them would be interested to learn about the products or services they never heard of before? Ultimately, they do not have any serious reason to care about your email. Keep in mind that it happens with the majority of your prospects from the email list. However, all such information must be shared in the later stages. So initially share only the benefits of your products or services, and features come next.

8. Mention the reason for your reach out

It is common to mention who and what in the email copy. Also, take care of mentioning the why portion. It is very important for your prospects to gain trust and continue communication. Make them feel special and valued. Explain to them that you are putting a lot of efforts to reach them out. This is how your cold email seeks immense value.


Do you know about any other tricks to adopt while sending the cold email? We have explained you the most obvious ways of attracting your prospects. All your suggestions also seem extremely interesting to us. Mention in the comments below if you know any! As a final note, make sure you purchase the targeted mailing list so that you will have verified contact lists.