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How Does E-commerce Email Marketing Strategy Builds Strong customer relationships?

Understanding what your customer exactly wants is the crucial aspect of e-commerce marketing. Do not just try to push a sale! The strategic email campaigns work brilliantly for e-commerce stores. Sending too many promotion emails pushes the customer to an uncomfortable zone. In fact, it empowers you to build meaningful connections and boost sales. In this blog post, you can explore the right ways to build long-term and trustworthy relationships. The secret to success in e-commerce email marketing is here.

Do Not Expect The Same Results From All The Acquisition Channels

Multichannel marketing emails might help you to reach more customers. But, each channel provides a different lead quality. Remember, email marketing is meant to attain repeat customers. So, you need to set up different campaigns for customers coming from different channels. You can later analyze the data obtained from each channel.

Based on the inference, you can approach different segments. Implement Email Segmentation For Different Buyer Personas. As every customer is unique, you must treat each of them differently. By doing so, your subscribers receive only the relevant content and they are more likely to get converted.

Quality Of Emails Is Better Than Quantity

There are plenty of promotion emails being bombarded to customer's inbox on a daily basis. You have immense competition in the market. The challenge here is to steal the customer's attention. Why should they remember your brand? A well-planned email is the best way to reach the target market. But, it has become the prime real estate. Majority of the emails are opened on mobile phones only. Your aim is to make them open, read, and click through your website. There must be the best day and time to send your emails out. Research about the same and implement suitable campaigns.

Give Importance To The Creation Of Discount Emails

Generally, e-commerce marketers love to roll out email campaigns. There are brilliant ways to seek website visitors and convince them to make a purchase. However, they do not welcome all the emails you intend to send. It is highly essential to capture the receiver's attention in the first few attempts. Plan for some incentives to motivate the customers and take some action.

For instance, here is the smart way we observed recently. Most of the times, customers tend to abandon the carts without making any purchase. At this point of time, reach out to those customers through a reminder email. Additionally, you can include some attractive discount codes or free shipping options. It encourages them to come and complete the purchase cycle. Make your customers feel special and they end up being your repeat customers.

Maintain The Consistency

The moment you win the customer's attention, make use of it to the maximum. They must not open the mail and click out only because the content is not relevant. Provide the quality mails consistently from your end. Maintain brand recognition and stand out unique in the competitive market. You can do this by focusing on content and design standards.

Make sure that your email copy resonates with the end customer. Include all the possible and meaningful information in the content copy. It results in increased conversion rates.

The right design must complement the content copy. If your email is not appealing, the customer will not even care to read your copy. Visual communication has proved to work better than textual content. As a whole, maintain the required consistency to stay in your audience mind for long period.

Send Mails After The Sale

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, your sales process will not end with one purchase. This is the point where post-sale emails begin. You can plan any of the following purposes through the emails you send after sales.

  • Explain more details about your products
  • Seek feedback
  • Promote new product or service
  • Build Strong Relationship
  • Increase Your ROI

In fact, all your current customer base are the future customers too. The probability of selling to an old customer is more compared to new ones. Get ready to implement both cross-selling and upselling techniques.

Build Interaction Through Emails

Do you remember that the primary purpose of the email is to build relationships and trigger repeat sales? So, do not stop after closing the first sale. You can send out some engaging email and improve the trust level.

One of the examples is sending out customer appreciation emails. Generally, e-commerce marketers neglect this type of content. It can fetch you high return value. With the help of a well-framed thank you content, you can win the customer's faith. If possible, add some discount offer in this acknowledgment mail.

The other example which works awesome is rolling our birthday or anniversary email campaigns. It is the golden opportunity to get connected on a personal level. At the same time, there is a high tendency for those customers to remember your brand.

Work On Innovative Subject Lines

The subject line plays a crucial role in influencing the open rates of your emails. If you attain high open rates, it is also possible to win greater conversion rates. Creativity is the must for grabbing your customer's attention. You can include some strong social proof, authority, or scarcity in the subject lines. Ultimately, it should evoke the curiosity in the reader's mind. At the same time, it should not look like spam.

In some of our campaigns, we have used the emojis in the subject lines. It has also proved to be a great way to impress customers. Make use of power words such as popular, amazing, exciting, or stunning. In addition, you can add a few persuasive words like free or hurry to create a sense of urgency.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the importance of email marketing in the e-commerce industry, we have come up with the above tips. Make complete use of this platform to build a remarkable relationship with your target market. All you have to do is just start by understanding your customers wants and needs.