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Are you aware that there are three times greater numbers of Email Validation accounts when compared to social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter when combined)? You must have come across various blog posts explaining why email marketing is defined as the highest ROI generating channel. In this blog post, you will learn another part of the story. Most importantly, you need to know about how to get started with e-mail marketing and be able to run successful campaigns. Here are some strategies you must know in prior before getting started!

1. Focus on Content Personalization

The primary goal of email marketing is building a better relationship with your target audience. Do you agree? How well does the email recipient trust you in the process? Personalizing the content helps people to be more connected and start building trust in your content, products, or services. It is easy to use recipients name in the content but far difficult to plan relevant content. Developing the content based on the previous customer behavior demands good research and time.

2. Set up your Goals

Good marketing is ensured only when you set up the goals systematically. Yes! Email marketing also demands the definition of goals before getting started. Start thinking about what you wanted to achieve. Here are a few ideas that can encourage you to frame better goals:

  • To connect with a new group of the target audience by explaining your products and services in brief.
  • Increasing customer engagement that focuses on getting the first sale or even promoting your webinar.
  • Nurture your leads by providing some valuable content.
  • Find out in-active recipients and re-engage with them through relevant content.
  • Develop separate content for the segmented target audience that brings your higher sales conversion.

3. Create Effective Subject Lines

Marketers will always find a problem in developing attractive but non-spammy subject lines. By using only 60-70 characters, you need to build a killer subject line that gets you maximum open rates. So, you do not have a lot of words to create the best impression. Make sure you pull the important words to the beginning of the line so that it builds curiosity in reader's mind to explore further. You can try to add personalization, tell what they get if the email is opened, and avoid spammy words. By doing so, it increases the probability of readers opening your emails and enter into the next stage of the buying cycle.

4. Give away the high-quality content

The best way to attract your customers is to send the high-quality content that is extremely useful. Consumers always love to receive something valuable for free! When you offer something awesome without charging a penny, the readers intend to open emails with higher curiosity. So, what can you give away to your target audience so that it increases the click-through rates? Freebies can be in the form of ebooks, brain teasers, newsletters, expert interviews, or even a photo album. Make sure you spend quality time in researching about your consumer's genuine requirements. What are they expecting from you? Fulfill their expectations in the form of free content that offers the actual solution they were always looking for!

5. Design the perfect email marketing template

Just imagine what happens if your readers are not happy with the appearance of your emails! They just quit and stop following you. Don't give them a chance to unsubscribe. In the first place, make sure you are using the responsive template so that it automatically resizes as per the device used. Keep in mind that good emails contain more text when compared to images. Some users might have disabled the images. In that case, if you use too many images the readers will find difficult to scan your emails. Also, if you add alt tags that describe your images it would be easy to understand for those who have disabled the images. In this way, you can make your emails look attractive and better.

6. Plan your suitable timing

The time at which you send the emails hugely affect the open rates. So, you must know the timings and days of the week in which your target audience is responsive.

It is greatly observed the readers tend to respond better on weekdays when compared to weekends. Also, schedule your emails to be sent in the morning time such as 10:00 AM. The open rates are observed to be maximum. This is just the general analysis with which you can get started. But, it might vary based on your target audience. The other factors which might affect include age, location, type of content, and occupation of the receiver.

However, it is impossible to figure out the relevant time in your first campaign itself. Experiment with some A/B tests and learn about the best time frames. Later, it can be implemented in the successive email campaigns.

7. Don't forget to test and track

Your email marketing strategy does not come to an end once you finish sending emails to your target audience. It's just the first step in the entire process. To attain maximum responses, you must collect the insights and then improve upon it for the successive campaigns. What are the major areas you need to test? It includes subject lines, design template, CTA, and email marketing copy. Also, test the response rates and deliverability by sending emails at different times. At last, don't forget to test the responses from each segmented target audience.

Consequently, track the performance by monitoring open rates, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, and many other actions taken on your email. This forms to be the critical step in email marketing since you will exactly know what's working and what's not!


We strongly believe that the above-explained tips and strategies helped you to get started with email marketing proficiently. Keep in mind that experimentation is the key to success. What do you want to achieve with an email? If this plan is ready, then you can eliminate most of the obstacles that come on the way to reach successful email campaigns.