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8 Excellent Tips To Clean Up Your CRM Data

Email Marketing has an amazing ability to create valuable and personal communication with your customers. Businesses tend to run repeated email marketing campaigns. Sending such high volumes of emails can clutter the CRM data. Here comes the necessity to clean up your CRM database contacts. Dirty data is an absolute problem for any business. Do not get your system clogged! You will be trapped amidst of many problems like:

  • Bad Structure Of Customer Profiles
  • Wasted Sales Time
  • Ineffective Email Campaigns
  • Inaccurate Forecasting
  • Lower Client Retention

Our team at Global B2B contacts has carefully refined the best tips to declutter your CRM data.

Check For Duplicate Entries

Accumulation of duplicate contacts is inevitable. You cannot avoid it! But, make sure you check the same regularly. Do not irritate the recipient by dropping the same messages multiple times. Email marketing is the original one to one channel. Owning professional elements in your approach matters. Moreover, you can use automation to remove the duplicates as and when detected.

Take any modern CRM into consideration, it will have the automation features enabled. Especially when marketers try to implement personalized content copy, duplicate CRM data creates a major problem. On the other hand, you can compare the old email list with the recent ones. It helps to get rid of duplicate data.

Seek Help From Data Service Providers

There is no automation tool which can solve all your CRM decluttering problems. Also, stop searching for the shortcuts to eliminate all your dirty CRM data problems. It sounds unrealistic! Small businesses can definitely maintain clean data with the help of the CRM tool. As the business grows, you must outsource the data verification services. Connect with data scrubbing service providers and save your time. As a result, it speeds up the process of cleaning.

Filter Out The Old Data

You might experience either the hard bounce rates or soft bounce rates. Hard bounces happen when the email returns lastingly to the sender. On the other hand, soft bounces are temporary in nature. Sometimes, the email address would have been trashed and no more active. Detecting such old contacts and deleting them on an immediate basis is very important. Consider resending the emails in case of soft bounces.

If the bounce rates remain constant, you can trash the same permanently. Marketing data decay every year. The change in terms of customer's data is constant. The accumulation of old data destroys the efficiency of your CRM data.

Without having the right list of prospects, your telemarketing efforts will go in vain. You cannot sell anything if you cannot talk! Reachability and accuracy of phone numbers are extremely important elements of telemarketing. When you get this data service done by any of the trusted providers, the list gets updated. You no longer experience the trouble of reaching out to wrong numbers. If the businesses have only the list of phone numbers, the reverse phone appending service will help you to get the names and email addresses. Make your marketing approach smart through these data services.

Create New Customer Segments

Are you maintaining your customer segment groups? You need to review and update it regularly. In the process, you might explore the new customer segment who owns unique buying habits. Sometimes, you might need to expand the business into a new geographic location. At this point of time, you will need to discover a distinct market segment. As the first step, take a look at your current customer segments. There are chances of arriving at new segments by splitting the existing ones. It helps you to make the most relevant approach through optimized content.

Pull Out Unresponsive Contact Details

Have you checked the open rates of your email marketing campaign? Get the count of it immediately. Estimate the number of CRM database contacts that are actually responsive to your emails. Remove all the contacts that seem to be unresponsive. It can also include incorrect email addresses. By doing so, your company can improve its decision-making ability. Build the list of more accurate data. Appreciate the strengths of email marketing by implementing the right usage. Your sales and marketing team is likely to make the wrong decisions with incorrect data. Do not give a chance!

Revise Your Email Marketing Automation

Keep the check on email automation workflow implemented by your company. Do not stick with the traditional methodology. Make sure that all the automated triggers are working as expected. Run the test emails regularly to detect the presence of any flaws. If needed, add some additional triggers to improve the company's email marketing performance. It, in turn, improves the conversion rates and other analytics. Also, check whether any data or customer group fit specific demographics or behaviors. Keeping these tips in mind, you can improve the company's automation workflow.

Get Rid Of Spam or Robot Entries

Have you ever observed the sudden spike in your website traffic? All of a sudden, you might be getting an unusual number of signups. It means your website is attacked by the robots. Take a breath! It is not as scary you think. You can easily figure out the robot entries. The form is always filled with garbage values. In addition, the email address submitted has the weird domain values like .au, .xyz, etc..,

Delete all the spam entries from the CRM data. Do not forget to set up the spam filters in the analytics tool. Ultimately, the tool will not allow the entries from such sources or domains.

Train Your Sales Department

Do not overwhelm your employees with too much of CRM features. They end up finding it difficult to adapt to the software. Sales team must understand the functioning of software and tools. If not, it affects the overall marketing efforts. Make sure to conduct the training sessions to teach your employees about the software. It is necessary for them to learn good data entry practices. Learning has to happen right from the beginning.

Establish consistent learning patterns for your sales and marketing team. In the end, you can also provide the cheat sheet for the team to follow up on the same.


The combination of CRM software and best email marketing strategy has the ability to boost your company's ROI. In this blog post, our tips must help you build stronger and long term relationships with the target market. Your sales team will have a proficient methodology to work. Instead of killing time due to repetitive tasks, they can eliminate all the time-consuming tasks through the use of CRM software. Implement email marketing and build a remarkable digital presence.