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Now, you have hit the send button and observed that the results of your email campaigns do contain some loopholes. So, why does your target audience not opening an email? What might be the reason for not getting converted? Keeping this in mind, we have created this blog posts that highlight the major reasons for an email marketing failure. It's time to start examining your strategies and figure out why the email campaigns are not getting the expected results! The following points might help you make quick decisions.

1. Your Headlines Might not be Attractive

It is quite common for the consumers to check the emails frequently especially on their phones. They scan through the headlines and only pick what's interesting to read. If your subject lines are impressive, open rates will definitely be high. This is the era where all the communications happen digitally. The interesting subject lines and value-driven content will surely be the choice of readers. So, check your headlines again for the presence of any faulty elements and correct it as soon as possible. Make your recipients feel that "I must check this mail to exactly know what they are offering. Let me not miss!" So, you can always withhold the curiosity of your readers through well-crafted email headlines. Promise that there is something valuable inside and keep up the same.

2. Are you sending emails from the personal account?

It is natural to think that using a Gmail account in the beginning stages will save money. But, it is not right when the professionalism is considered. It will result as a major negative point of rejection when you are dealing with the reputed business mailing list. Every responsible email provider knows the pros and cons of email deliverability. In other words, they know how to make your sent emails reach consumers inbox and not spam folders. Don't you think the visibility of your message is the primary importance for getting a good response from your target industry?

3. Make your emails mobile responsive

It is true that many emails are opened in mobile phones! So, make sure that your design template is also mobile friendly. However, when email content is considered, get through the following rules in order to be mobile responsive and effectively use your email list.

  • Let your subject lines be short and crisp. Since the layout allows display of only 25 to 30 characters.
  • Avoid lengthy email content. It is unlikely to be read on a mobile phone.
  • Focus on developing the compelling pre-header text. Since this line can be seen below the subject line, never miss taking advantage.
  • Check whether the CTA buttons are appropriate. This is the most crucial step in getting your consumers into action.

4. Seek permission from your target audience

In the perspective of a consumer, how frustrating it would be to receive an email from the stranger marketing the respective products or services? Irrespective of whether you build own email list or purchase a business mailing database, beware of permission accessibility. Generally, the reputed list provider take care of seeking permission from the target audience before collecting the contact information. Here is the best solution for this major problem! You can go for the double opt-in protocol where the consumers themselves wishes to receive emails from you and again confirm the same. By doing this extra step, it ensures you the increased open rates as well as positive responses.

5. You might not have figured out proper timing!

The best solution to this problem is implementing marketing automation tools. As it is already said, the time at which you send an email affects the response rate. So, you need to perform A/B testing to find which is the best time. However, when you know the probability of hours in which your targeted mailing database respond better, it is suggested to set up automated emails. This saves a lot of time and helps you stay systematic. The combination of your targeted email content and marketing automation will bring you magical campaign results. The right person at the right time is what you need!

6. Do not neglect to personalize your content

Especially when email marketing is considered, personalization plays a major role in convincing your target audience. The personalized subject lines will entice your recipients to open and read through the content. Once you have the segmented email list, then you know who will be reading your email. Trigger the conversation by adding the element of personalization. Incorporating the power of personalization to your email marketing routine is absolutely necessary.

7. Consistency is the key to Success

Are you sending out emails regularly? If you do not focus on mailing consistently, it is equivalent of saying goodbye to your target audience or prospects. Ultimately, you fail to build a good business relationship. At least for your recipient to remember your brand name, consistency is highly necessary. Let them see your value-driven content in their inboxes that follows a regular pattern. Make them feel comfortable and open up to positive conversations that lead to higher conversion rates.


Here is the last question to you! Why is conversion not happening in spite of getting a higher number of clicks? It happens because your landing pages are probably not up to the mark. The absence of impressive website design, product offers not mentioned clearly or cumbersome content can deteriorate the performance of your email campaigns. If you observe the increase in bounce rates, then it is the right time to focus on redesigning the landing page. With the help of the above points, we hope that you are now capable of picking the right reason why your campaigns hit failure.