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10 Best Tips To Cut Down Your Email Marketing Budget

If email marketing is planned well and strategically executed, it can drive high revenue to your business. Many businesses have successfully implemented email campaigns and attained:

  • Remarkable Brand Reputation
  • Attract New Customers
  • Old Customer Retention
  • Inviting Evangelists

A thoughtfully created email campaign can do all of the above. Are you facing problem in cutting down your email marketing expenditure? Keeping this concern in mind, we have developed the list of tips to use while saving on the email marketing budget. Some of the below-mentioned inaccuracies might be occupying your budget.

Bad Email Marketing Strategy

You must understand the fact that a subscriber is just an opportunity for the business and not the final customer. Many B2B marketers do not make use of the platform to build relationships with subscribers. Instead, they tend to make the sales attempt in the first few emails. The primary step is to win their trust and then attract a huge income. If you do not follow this sequence, losing out on the marketing budget is inevitable. Without owning a satisfactory email marketing strategy in place, it is highly difficult to attract new sales. So, you must work on the best practices of email marketing campaigns.

Build Multi-Purpose Content

Plan your content development strategically. There is no necessity to create new content every time. You might sense the fact that original content matters the most to grab audience attention. It will consume more of your time. Instead, learn how to modify and freshen up the existing content. Develop the content which can be used in multiple applications. For instance, instead of creating 10 different graphics for your campaigns, design only 3 or 4. Later, modify the same and use it in different campaigns. As a result, you spend less time in developing high-quality content. Content is like a king but working smartly is also essential.

Wrong Resource Collection

What are the long term goals you want to achieve from the upcoming email marketing campaign? If not yet planned, prepare the goals list as your first step. It would be better to outsource email marketing from an agency. This works better when compared to the in-house marketer. As a result, you can focus on driving greater revenue to your business. It sounds beneficial to startups and small businesses. They need to pay only after the task is completed. Outsourcing certain jobs will help you cut down the email marketing budget. On the other hand, if your company demands to hire a professional then do the same.

Mark Your Measurement Strategies

All your aim is to trim the costs and improve the ROI. However, you must leverage the marketing methods that help you to reach the target audience with ease. Email marketing will be the right choice if implemented correctly. How do you identify what's working and what's not working? You need to adopt the perfect set of measuring metrics. Based on the results observed, you can implement the required changes in order to attain the maximum returns.

Defective Subscriber List

The healthy email list is the primary factor responsible for successful campaigns. If you wish to purchase the targeted mailing lists, then research for the reliable data provider. Building the list by your own might take a few months. However, the final decision depends on your time constraints and business requirements. The good subscriber list maintains your online reputation and ensures best email deliverability.

Ignoring Email Segmentation

The emails you send owns the respective cost. Sending email blasts to all the subscribers is not the smart move. Understanding the target market and buyer persona is extremely important. Keep in mind that geographic location is not the only criteria to focus while segmenting. There are many other criteria to include such as past purchase behavior, pages visited, downloads, etc. Your customers will fall under different categories. Create segments and channelize your approach for budgetary results.

Investing money in new email campaign creation every time

The whole process of email marketing comprises of various steps. It includes conceptualization, email content development, email design template, and implementation. Performing all the above steps for every email campaigns costs you more. Experienced email marketers suggest that prepare the modular templates to send out emails without any hassles. For instance, you can keep the strategy ready for the new product launch, discount offers, and holiday season separately. Modify and use it whenever required.

Email Design Template Errors

Are you spending a lot of time in designing the email template every time? It consumes all your time, resources and efforts. Unless your email gets delivered to your subscriber's inbox, all your efforts go in vain. Make sure that your design does not go into the spam folder. Serious spam complaints can cost you penalty depending on the legal rules of the country you are in. The text and image ratio must be 80:20. It forms the key factor to escape from being considered as spam. Ensure to run a test mail before sending it out to your target audience. Ultimately, it helps you to reduce the count of spam filtering.

Not Conducting Email Audit

Get your email audit regularly. The email campaigns can get better when you know how they are performing. The audit report lets you know the weak areas on which the marketer has to work on. Upgrade your email campaigns to the next level by implementing all the modifications listed in the audit report. It is always better to spend on email audit when to compare the bad email marketing strategy. Manage your cost allocation smartly.

Neglecting The Legal Aspects

Are you abiding by the CAN, GDPR, and SPAM compliances? If not, do it from today to avoid exorbitant penalties. Take considerable time and learn about the legal aspects of email marketing strategy. All these problems can be surmounted if you own the permission-based email lists. Never send the emails to the contacts who have not expressed their approval to receive.